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Monuments, murals and memory: The racism of 'greatness' at Duke

(10/19/18 4:55am)

On Sept. 27, I assembled in Duke Chapel with other students, faculty and employees for Founders’ Day Convocation. Wearing my Sunday best and watching robed importance file past me in ceremonious procession, I thought back to a contrastingly undignified campus incident from a few days before, when a student-painted mural celebrating Latinx Heritage Month was defaced. Confronted now with a display of Duke’s institutional greatness, I could not reconcile it with the disappointing message of unbelonging directed against Latinx students.

Letter: An open letter to Larry Moneta

(05/07/18 5:01pm)

Choosing “Good Sex” as the subject of an email about campus sexual harassment/assault is…zany, at best. It struck me as “tactless” at the time. However, what bothered me most about the email you sent to the entire Duke student body on April 18, urging us to fill out this survey, was the surprisingly oblivious revelation that “we have more female identified than male identified respondents,” followed by a nudge to “step up guys!” Do we really have no inkling as to why women might be more represented, when the current U.S. president’s admitted approach to women is to “grab them by the p***y”?