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A dumb major

(02/05/18 6:03am)

Every once in a winter’s eve, a time comes when the void takes its hands from my shoulders and allows me to escape its cold, foul breath. The last instance was last week when I went to see John Mulaney at DPAC. Little did I know, the void was not finished with me that fateful Friday night.

My Duke

(12/04/17 5:00am)

My dad used to drive me from Charlotte to Durham in the winter. We would come to campus over Winter Break to see a cheap, easy win basketball game against some cupcake team because all the students were home and we could easily get a spot in the student section. I would jump up and down like the little spaz that I was and chant like I was a seasoned veteran of Section 17. Afterward, my dad would walk me around campus in the dark and I would talk about how much I loved Duke, our campus and the contenting absence of Carolina fans that haunted the halls of my elementary school. We would go to McDonald’s for some fries and would wonder why the bench closest to Cameron was Batman-themed, all before sitting in traffic on Erwin at the start of our long trip home. I would always fall asleep in the car, and he would always carry me inside and tuck me into bed. His worn-out little Duke fanatic.

The pursuit of sadness

(09/25/17 4:00am)

There is a girl who walks quietly by sometimes, and I am in love with her. She has more than one name and more than one face, but she always sings softly and sweetly in the silence when she’s alone. She smiles with her eyes and looks with a purpose, with intensity, quick to anger and quick to forgive because hers is the passion and vitality that lives dormant in all living things finally set free to roam and observe and love. Her name is autumn. She is the beauty of death and the fleeting present soon to be carried off in the wind. Her name is winter. She is the biting cold and the hearth inside the window. She walks quietly by, in and out of existence, and I am in love with her.