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Letter: One thing I wish for Duke

(03/02/20 5:00am)

One thing I wish for Duke is that we would embrace a simple principle that could inform and guide our intellectual community, including through painful incidents such as the painting of a Swastika on the East Campus bridge, the hanging of a Noose on campus or other acts of intimidation that visit us regularly. I suggest the following principle for your consideration:

What's wrong with Duke? White supremacy is the root

(08/20/19 4:00am)

A noose hung on a campus tree, a Latinx mural defaced, the n-word scrawled on the Mary Lou Center, a Swastika painted on the East Campus bridge, hateful words said to a student in a burka, students being told they shouldn’t speak their native language on campus. Each past event has a set of facts, known and unknown, that nevertheless flow from a root problem: Duke has a prevailing culture of white supremacy and cultural imperialism that must be named if we are to address it together and live into our status as a global university. 

Finding our collective voice

(11/28/18 5:00am)

Duke University has endured a series of racial epithets and symbols of domestic terrorism and white supremacy during my 22 years as a professor at Duke. This continued with the word "n*****" scrawled on the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture just as the first-year students settled into their dorm this past August. More recently, anti-Semitic symbols have been left on campus, along with propaganda from a white supremacist group seeking to mainstream their hateful ideology.

Carolina on their mind

(01/15/09 9:00am)

My top priority as director of the Benjamin N. Duke scholarship program is to make sure that the best students from North and South Carolina apply to Duke. That is the only way we can consider them for a scholarship. Better publicizing the scholarship can also help Duke as a whole. I understand scholarships and financial aid to go hand in hand in making the answer to the question "Can I afford Duke?" be yes.