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You mind if I get a hit?

(02/10/20 5:00am)

I often find myself daydreaming about how future generations will look back upon our current society. I think about this not only in the context of technological innovation and the age of Trump, but also in terms of more minute fixtures like Twitter culture, late 2000’s iOS games, and mumble rap. It’s likely that historians will botch or even just entirely forget these smaller yet essential details about our time. But something that I can only hope they write about is Juuling.

Centrist 'Chads'

(08/29/19 5:47am)

It’s not a refreshing take to say that politics, particularly in the United States, have become incredibly polarizing and personal. The very thought of bargaining and compromising with those from across the aisle is often seen as indicative of a lack of principle or poor moral character. For these reasons I can understand why it may appear intuitive in this political climate to believe that the “truth” lies somewhere in the middle of more radical views and that only through a balancing act of both give and take can politicians arrive at pragmatic and beneficial outcomes. This sort of analysis, however, is easy for Centrist Chads—many of whom are here at Duke—precisely because it is a cop-out. Centrism, “bridging the divide,” or whatever you want to call it isn’t innovative or intelligent; it’s an erroneous and shorthand solution to complex critical judgments and commitments about the political.