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A labor of love

(04/29/19 4:00am)

I fell into arts journalism as a fluke, more than anything. I knew I wanted to write for the Chronicle coming into college, but I didn’t know which section I wanted to write for—or even, honestly, that there were different sections. And I certainly didn’t know that you could devote an entire section to a hodgepodge of music and film reviews, artist profiles and the most recent cultural happenings on and off campus. 

Full Frame 2019: 'Santuario' directors discuss sanctuary in faith communities

(04/10/19 4:30am)

“Santuario” follows Juana Luz Tobar Ortega as she lives in sanctuary at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Greensboro. In April of 2017, Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) told Ortega she had to leave within 30 days, so she entered sanctuary instead. “Santuario” follows the first several months of Ortega’s stay, though she is still at the church today. The Chronicle spoke to the film’s directors Christine Delp, Trinity ‘15 and Pilar Timpane, Master of Theological Studies ‘13, following its screening at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. 

For the sake of keepsakes

(01/30/19 5:10am)

I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder. I’m a big proponent of tidiness (though perhaps not to Marie Kondo’s level), and I’ll clean my room well before turning to homework, or perhaps a pressing editor’s note that I have to publish in a few hours. But over the last three years, I’ve made more and more room in my dorm to house smaller objects on desks and dressers, all meant to capture some snapshot of my college years. 

Painting the presidents: A conversation with the Brodhead portraitist

(11/28/18 6:20am)

Duke unveiled President Richard Brodhead’s portrait for the Gothic Reading Room Nov. 2. The painting was done by Bob Anderson, a classmate of Brodhead’s at Yale, who has also painted President George W. Bush on three occasions. Anderson has been painting privately commissioned portrait since 1973, and previously painted Brodhead when he stepped down as dean of Yale College. The Chronicle spoke with Bob Anderson about his career as an artist and his experiences painting the presidents. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

On slasher flicks and final girls

(10/24/18 4:00am)

 At the end of “Scream 4,” the screen cuts away from the killer’s face to black, and Ida Maria’s “Bad Karma” starts to play: “You better believe in karma / Baby it’s gonna sting / The wheel of life’s gonna do you in / So I don’t really have to do a thing.” As a viewer, you smile and relish in the fact that the killer finally got their comeuppance. Sure, it came after two hours of meaningless deaths, cheap jump scares and gallons of fake blood, but justice has prevailed, and karma, along with it.

What to eat at the N.C. State Fair

(10/17/18 4:55am)

The N.C. State Fair comes to town just once a year, drawing in over 1 million visitors from across the state. Although the fair features rides galore and a number of exhibitions and competitions, the real star of the event is the food. Ranging from classics like deep fried Oreos to oddities like the Krispy Kreme burger, fair food packs a high enough calorie and sugar count to satisfy any craving. Recess sampled a selection of foods from the fair.