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All-time empathy is toxic

(09/22/22 4:00am)

Too many times I have heard my entire girl group complain when one member opened up about being unhappy. The doctrine “walk in others’ shoes'' is rife on social media where people expect emotional reciprocity. Take for example a mean co-worker. “Oh, she’s a bitch to me too,” is what is expected of the listener in response to the litany of malicious practices done unto them by the referred “bitch.” When we immerse ourselves in the story of the complainer–whether heartbreaking, resentful or apprehensive–it feels as if we did an empathetic act of a supportive companion. However, the truth is that continual empathy in communication does not necessarily translate into healthy communication.

How to lose a conversation

(09/09/22 4:00am)

It all started with a boring night when I felt alone and wanted to explore the online dating market of fine young men. First, put the most attractive pictures of mine. Then created some witty jokes to impress people with my humor. Finally, threw some prompts to match people of similar interests. Done! Now, I am one of the commodities on the competitive dating and mating market.

Modern feminism creates idols, not saviors

(09/17/21 4:00am)

“In a picturesque scenery of the aurora, Phung, a photographer, immersed himself in every aesthetic shot he took of a boat on the resplendent surface. A moment later, an appalling event disrupted. An enraged man and a sleep-deprived woman left their boat, walked to a storage of old war tanks, and stopped. The man pulled out a thick belt, thwacked relentlessly with rancor, and berated her, ‘You all go die. Go to hell!’ Verbally and physically brutalized by her husband, the no-name woman stood still, voiceless, and submissive.”