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Greek system should not be discarded

(08/30/04 4:00am)

I’ve never been a fan of frat boys. Yes, as Christopher Scoville asserts in his Aug. 26 columns, they generally tend to contribute little to the intellectual atmosphere of the campus, preferring to wax apoetic about their weekend (or weeknight) exploits that have once been summarized in the worst of Roman poetry, and are not improved by their rehashing in these new forms. And yes, the composition of some of these cabals is more monochrome than an autumnal British cloudscape.

Letter ignores point regarding divine intervention

(03/07/02 5:00am)

It seems that the letters that have so far critiqued Nick Christie's Feb. 22 column have not attempted to counter his main argument, which he derives logically from the precepts that God is both compassionate and omnipotent. The letters that have criticized Christie's reasoning have asserted that "those who commit despicable acts," to borrow a phrase from Duane Mitchell's March 1 letter, are the only ones guilty of the acts. However, if God is both omnipotent and compassionate, one might expect Him to intercede in said despicable acts. As Christie points out, He, apparently, does not.