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Ditch your four wheels and get on two: Biking to campus can improve your life

(11/20/23 5:00am)

While we are conditioned to believe cars are the most convenient method of transportation, this is typically untrue for the daily commute of an off-campus Duke student. Many of us are well acquainted with the frustrations of Blue Zone parking, but the actual time inconvenience it creates is astounding. Here’s the breakdown: For a student living in Berkshire 9th Street apartments, the 1.7-mile drive to the Blue Zone takes approximately 6 to 8 minutes. Once there, scouting out a parking spot adds another five or more minutes. Finding a reasonably distanced parking space is rare, so most of us are forced to park in the back lots. The trek from the back of the Blue Zone (Lot 7) to Perkins Library takes a whopping 17 minutes. Even the walk from Miracle Lot to Perkins is still 11 minutes. In total, your commute could be anywhere from 22 to 30 minutes!