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The road to Wagner

(01/15/24 5:00am)

I have noticed that many students in top American schools were inclined towards the cultivation of music during their formative high school years — music was one of their essential extracurricular activities. I trained in vocal Indian classical music for years, but I lack the repertoire of any musical instrument, and I can't expeditiously read sheet music. I hold in esteem the mettle and proficiency exhibited by the adroit viola players, and I extend my unfeigned admiration to all the pianists and trumpet players at Duke.  

The irrelevance of median grades

(11/13/23 5:00am)

As someone who did not go to high school in the United States, it quickly became apparent to me that there lies an intriguing peculiarity prevalent among both students and professors — the phenomenon of unwarranted and disproportionate attention being given to the 'mean' and the 'median' grades for quizzes, mid-term examinations or similar assessments. I have long held the notion that the 'median' grade is a mathematical formula that possesses no justifiable presence while defining grade thresholds. 

A simple future Trinity curriculum

(10/16/23 3:55am)

The Academic Council is currently formulating a new pedagogical framework for Trinity College, complete with freshly designed requisites for general education that will replace the existing Curriculum 2000 benchmarks. Such pedagogical transformations frequently necessitate a back-and-forth, where conflicting perspectives about Duke students among various departments must eventually reach a compromise. Let me present my view — one which I believe to be impartial in its applicability across diverse departments and efficacious in how it addresses present-day needs.

Duke is actually good for low-income students

(09/18/23 4:00am)

The New York Times has proclaimed that Duke University is an enclave of opulent exclusivity that is unwelcome to students coming from first-generation low-income (FGLI) backgrounds. Let me start off by admitting that I am not a first-generation student; however, I do identify as low-income at Duke. This is attributable to my status as an international student and the difference in purchasing power between the United States Dollar and the Indian Rupee.  

‘One of the most forgiving languages to learn’: A look into learning Malagasy at Duke

(06/19/23 11:45pm)

While Duke’s ties to Madagascar may best be known for the University’s decades of work with the Lemur Center, Duke has recently begun expanding its engagement with the island nation through its language courses in Malagasy, one of its two official languages. Building on the initial Malagasy course introduced in fall 2022, Duke will offer an intermediate course for the first time in fall 2023.