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You don’t have to be a helicopter mom, Duke. You can let us go.

(02/22/24 1:36pm)

A mother is sending off her first born to Duke. It’s freshmen move-in day, and all the helicopter moms have said their final goodbyes — all but her of course. The family of three stand in front of the chapel, the sun has now set. Her husband tries to pull her way, and her son is itching to get to his first Shooters pre-game (where only water will be served, of course). She grabs hold of her child; promises to never let go; tears flow uncontrollably.

A glimpse of a better world through artificial intelligence in 'The Creator'

(12/03/23 2:18pm)

Whether it be “The Terminator," "I, Robot” or “Ex Machina,” cinema has often warned that we should fear or — at the very least — be wary of artificial intelligence. The message, though, has admittedly become overdone and honestly quite outdated. Someday, as AI grows to a level more intelligent than us, no longer will computers work for us but rather humans as slaves of the computer; in the end, we may look back and say that our very creation was the genesis of our own demise. 

The 10 best modern horror movies

(10/31/23 11:01pm)

Over the last half decade, we have observed a shift in Hollywood: comedies have largely diminished, with horror films taking their place. Unfortunately, this has led studios to attempt to churn out as many horror films as possible, leading to countless generic, jump-scare-packed messes. It is unlikely that a movie as articulately crafted as “Rosemary’s Baby” or “The Shining” would be produced in 2023. Nonetheless, when done well, modern horror may have the highest ceiling of any genre, bringing an even greater level of entertainment than its classic predecessors. With this in mind, here is a list of the top 10 greatest modern horror films. 

‘Yellowjackets’ season 2: ‘Lord of the Flies’ meets high school girls

(04/10/23 10:00am)

“Yellowjackets” Season 2 is among us, and it appears as though a cult-like following may be emerging for the show that — ironically enough — features cults. The hit drama broke Showtime streaming records with its Season 2 debut, which became the cable network's most streamed season premiere — and was also “Yellowjackets”' most watched episode yet. The show follows a dual timeline, in 1996 and 2021, and centers on a girls high school soccer team from the 90s that survives an airplane crash, leaving them stranded in the Canadian wilderness. 

Why we cannot afford to overlook Kanye’s dangerous sentiment

(11/12/22 5:00am)

Aside from his lyrical genius and ability to craft beautiful beats, rapper Kanye West has always been notorious for his unfiltered and often controversial speech. Most times, even I, admittedly, have been able to laugh at many of his comments, namely those surrounding Kim Kardashian’s now-ex boyfriend Pete Davidson, or “Skete.” This time, however, following his recent outburst of antisemitic remarks on social media and cable television, there is no doubt that Ye has crossed the line.  

Inside the head of the Milwaukee Cannibal: What’s the deal with Netflix’s new Jeffrey Dahmer show?

(10/21/22 4:00am)

Among the American public, there exists a hyperinfatuation with true crime stories and with serial killers themselves. We have seen this time and again with classic films like “Se7en” and “The Silence of the Lambs,” the long-running show "Criminal Minds," Netflix’s "You," and now most recently in “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” But what drives such romanticization of these individuals, individuals who have committed atrocities against the innocent? Perhaps it is rooted in the same thrill-seeking that horror lovers search out. Or maybe it is the desire to attempt to understand their unimaginable crimes.