DSG hears Krzyzewskiville line monitor presentation, discusses internal accountability at Wednesday meeting

In preparation for Duke’s highly anticipated basketball season, Head Line Monitors Caroline Bower and Cameron Jarnot, both seniors, reviewed game-day procedures and policy changes at Duke Student Government’s Wednesday meeting.

The start time for registering for the walk-up line, which originally began at the end of the previous game, is now at the discretion of the line monitors and will be communicated at least 24 hours before the start of registration. 

In past years, students would register for the walk-up line without the intention of fulfilling checks, leading to a misleadingly inflated number of groups in the initial registration count. The new policy hopes to combat this problem. 

Grace will now be given for women’s basketball games as well as men’s basketball games so that students will be free to attend games.

Given that university-wide policies for COVID-19 do not change, these new procedures are final. “University policy regarding COVID-19 applies for any K-Ville situation,” the line monitors wrote in their presentation. 

After the line monitor presentation, Accountability Ombudsperson Zac Johnson, a senior, presented on the history of the Senate’s accountability—or as he described it, the lack thereof. 

Johnson cited historically low project completion rates, student groups’ disillusionment with their lack of input on and benefits received from DSG projects, and previous neglect of student demands and marginalized communities as key reasons for a close examination of DSG’s accountability.

As accountability ombudsman, Johnson seeks to work with senators and their vice presidents to view project proposals through a “lens of accountability.” He also plans to check in with committees and use office hours as time to personally advise DSG senators on accountability. 

“What accountability really means is not just that you’ve said ‘sorry,’ that you’ve acknowledged what’s going on, but that you can acknowledge a non-repetition of harms … you can transform the conditions in which harm occurred,” Johnson said.

In other business

Senators reviewed openings for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Internal Affairs, the Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility and the Information Technology Advisory Council. Nominations for openings were issued by fellow Senators and accepted by nominees. Prior to the vote, nominees gave a brief introduction and advocated for their appointments before their peers.

First-year Hillary Okpeseyi and senior Ryan Trombly were confirmed as senators at-large for the Equity and Outreach Committee. Senators also confirmed junior Shreyas Hallur as the cabinet’s co-director of disability rights advocacy and policy.

The Muslim Student Association was granted $8,610 for their fall banquet. Senators recognized Duke PorColombia, a group that seeks to unite students of Colombian heritage and students interested in learning about Colombia. 

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