Chron15: Welcome to this year's list of icons, leaders and pioneers

Welcome to this year's Chron15.

From administrators who kept the University running during a strange, quiet year to the friendly golden retriever-owner duo that diligently continued to provide students with much-needed smiles, this year’s Chron15 list seeks to highlight the contributions of members of the Duke community who make us all proud to call ourselves Blue Devils. 

Like many other Duke traditions, Chron15, which has now been published in 2018 and in 2019, was interrupted by the pandemic. As we tiptoe tentatively toward a more normal semester, hopefully marked by sweet reunions, full classrooms and the feeling of togetherness, Chron15 aims to celebrate the pioneers, leaders and icons who make Duke the incredible, vibrant community that has persisted throughout this difficult year. 

Nominated by readers of The Chronicle and chosen by a special committee of staff, the members of this year’s Chron15 list are individuals and organizations that have worked tirelessly to improve the University’s academic programs and created flourishing partnerships with Durham residents and organizations. They are people who have played their hearts out in athletic competitions, people who made their voices heard around the world in social justice movements and people who make it their mission to make each person they speak to feel loved and appreciated. 

The members of Chron15 are the stuff of Duke legend. But more importantly, they are people who teach our courses, stand behind us in line at the Brodhead Center and greet us on the quad. They are Dukies just like us, a reminder of the power of a passionate group or individual.

As you read the profiles of these fifteen outstanding people and organizations, we hope that you will take the time to think about not only their achievements and contributions but also those of the many people that didn’t make the list. The Chronicle can only name 15 winners, but our readers can thank countless more community members for all they do.

Anna Zolotor and Carter Forinash chaired the 2020-21 Chron15 committee. Anna is a junior and the Vol. 117 news editor, and Carter, Trinity '21, was the Vol. 116 news editor and editor-at-large.

Anna Zolotor profile
Anna Zolotor

Anna Zolotor is a Trinity senior and recruitment chair for The Chronicle's 118th volume. She was previously news editor for Volume 117.


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