10 fashion tips for summer 2021

<p>With this summer promising to be more exciting and sociable than the last, fashion is catching up on missing time with new bold trends.</p>

With this summer promising to be more exciting and sociable than the last, fashion is catching up on missing time with new bold trends.

With summer just around the corner and the idea of leaving our houses becoming more and more possible, it is time to think about non-pajama outfits. While we all already know that the hottest accessory for summer 2021 will be a vaccination, you will soon need to find the perfect look to accompany it. Let’s talk about the trend line-up for the upcoming season. 

Sweater vests

What we all thought was going to be a short-lived trend is coming back with a vengeance for summer 2021 but with a twist. Add a funky pattern or bright neon, like those from Lisa Says Gah or Kina and Tam, to the typical preppy look, and you’re good to go. To make it weather-appropriate, brands are adding more cut-outs and using lighter fabrics for a year-round outfit. Luckily, you can still easily find these at the thrift store for a much cheaper price and with equally interesting colors. 

Neon Orange

While neons in general are seeing a revival (see: Kendall Jenner’s all-neon green outfit), it seems orange has taken the cake. From bright orange dresses to more subtle neon accessories, orange is the color of summer 2021. Bright orange pieces will be easy to find all season at any clothing store, particularly given neon’s sudden popularity.

Shoulder pads

It seems that the eighties have taken fashion by storm. We saw a brief moment with shoulder pads last September added to muscle tanks. Now, it seems we are fully embracing the powerful silhouette. Prepare for shoulder pads in jackets, blazers and t-shirts  to give you a strong and commanding appearance.


Honestly, will this ever not be in style? Yet, rather than pulling out your favorite all-black look, opt for bright colors and patterns. Some popular monochrome combinations are sorbet pastels, neons and browns. It does not need to be in the form of a suit either. Go for a neon bodysuit and skirt or a dress with matching shoes. 

Cottagecore dresses and shirts

Yes, this style has come back again. We want big puffy sleeves, pastel colors and subtle patterns —  everything you would wear to your dream picnic. Perhaps, this is some manifestation of our desire to run through a field of flowers rather than be trapped in lock-down, but personally, I’m embracing it. Some favorites of mine are on Free People, & Other Stories and Madewell. 

Bold patterns

The pandemic left us all a little stir-crazy. Now, fashion seems to have embraced that energy, and it has manifested in some wild patterns. Some great examples are the Cool is a Construct funky pants and the Lisa Says Gah green checkered pants. Patterns for this summer are bold and in some sense, reminiscent of the seventies with much brighter colors. Thrifting and shopping small (like Etsy, Ebay or Depop) is definitely an easy way to try out this style without investing hundreds. 


Crochet comes in and out of style every decade. This time, it includes bright colors and bold patterns. Zara, in particular, has been pulling out all the crochet stops for the summertime. This is also an easy trend to find from local vendors who hand make their products. Given this trend’s tendency to come back in style, it might be something worth investing in. 


If you haven’t yet seen the iconic House of Sunny dress with the circle cut-outs on the back (I lust after this dress), you are missing out. Think of a more modern ‘cold-shoulder’ outfit. Many brands are doing cut-outs on the sides of brightly-colored dresses and shirts to create a new silhouette. 

Sheer dresses

This is not a personal favorite, but it is definitely covering online shops and the covers of magazines. How you wear it may be beyond me, but this is definitely a trend for summer 2021. At the very least, it will keep you cool all summer. 

Second-Skin Tops

Second-skin tops were a big trend of Y2K fashion that we are seeing a resurgence of once again. This top is not too hard to find: try Amazon or Ebay for cheaper alternatives. Accompanying your top, try a bold metallic bralette. Although, if wearing strictly a mesh top seems too much, try layering one under a t-shirt. 


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