Duke reports 6 positive COVID-19 tests for students, 2 for faculty and staff out of 14,141 total.

There were eight new positive coronavirus tests at Duke between Sept 19. and Sept. 25, out of 14,141 total tests, according to data released Monday on the University’s COVID-19 testing tracker.

Among students, there were six positive coronavirus tests out of 12,718, for a positivity rate of 0.047%. All six positives were among the 12,614 students who participated in surveillance testing. 

There were no positive tests among the 104 students who had symptoms or were determined to have been in close contact with someone who tested positive. Duke conducted no entry tests for returning students last week, according to the tracker.

There were also two new positive tests among faculty and staff out of 1,423 total, for a positivity rate of 0.14%. Both positives were from the 139 tests conducted on faculty and staff who had symptoms or had been contact traced. No faculty or staff tested positive out of 1,284 surveillance tests conducted,

The number of weekly tests continues to increase. Duke tested 1,828 more people than last week, including 1,716 more students and 112 more faculty and staff.

104 students and five faculty or staff were placed in precautionary quarantine last week, according to Monday’s update, while 123 students and four faculty or staff were released from quarantine. A total of eight people were isolated and four were cleared to leave isolation.

Since Aug. 2, Duke has administered 57,916 tests and reported a total of 75 positives among faculty, staff and students. The University has conducted multiple kinds of testing, including entry testing of every returning student, testing based on contact tracing and pooled surveillance testing of asymptomatic people. 

Separately, Duke reported 26 positive tests among student-athletes, who began a phased return to campus July 12. Results for student-athletes are now included in other testing numbers. 

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