With his off the charts athleticism, infectious personality and boundless potential, there's perhaps no young athlete more marketable than Zion Williamson right now.

And after the Florida-based Prime Sports Marketing group signed the former Duke forward to a contract by using "unscrupulous behavior," Williamson is reclaiming his marketability, and taking Prime Sports Marketing to court.

On Thursday, Williamson filed a lawsuit against Gina Ford and Prime Sports Marketing in an effort to end a previously agreed upon contract, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports. According to the lawsuit, Ford's company deceived Williamson into consenting to forfeit his college eligibility and a clause that prevented termination for at least five years.

Williamson's legal team argues that Prime Sports Marketing acted unlawfully in the state of North Carolina, as the company did not disclose that Williamson would lose eligibility in the initial April contract, as well as not having any registered agents in the state.

Although the case shed light into a business preying on a young athlete, there was some fun in the text of the lawsuit, as Williamson is described as being known for his "electrifying slam dunks and abounding energy."

Williamson is expected to go first overall in next week's NBA Draft, and is set to join former Blue Devils Frank Jackson and Jahlil Okafor with the New Orleans Pelicans.