After Duke defeated UNC Saturday night, The Chronicle caught up with students at the celebratory bonfire about their thoughts on the game:

"WHOOOOOOO! We can feel the energy. The vibe on campus is amazing. We're so excited!"—first-year Anna Klingensmith

"Go Bull City. We're so happy for Grayson. We're seniors, so this is icing on the cake."—seniors Christina Cheng and Jasmine Wang

"I was losing hope. I'm usually not that into sports, but that was exhilarating."—junior Vivian Luo

“[The game] was a lot of fun. Duke was down at the beginning of the second half. I was telling the person next to me that even though we’re down, we’re always amazing at coming back from deficits. And I knew that we could come back and beat UNC tonight.”—sophomore Daniel Castro

“I’m really proud of our team. We pulled through during the second half.”—sophomore Samantha Garland

“I’m very excited it was not a boring game. I’m happy I lived on West [Campus] this year so that I could see the bonfire.”—sophomore Paula Moreno

“It was really lit.”—sophomore Della Tao, describing the game and the bonfire.

“I always enjoy primal traditions like burning the bench. I appreciate the administration allowing us to engage in this behavior. Go Duke!”—junior Jeffrey Wubbenhorst

"I tented for two months. That was best experience I've ever had...[The best moment] was the turning point when Marvin Bagley III got a turnover and ran it all the way to the other side."—first-year David Chen

"I am proud of my team. I'm proud of Grayson Allen."—junior Jackson Prince

Adam Beyer contributed reporting.