BSA endorses Kristina Smith for DSG President

The Black Student Alliance executive board recently had the pleasure of meeting with the five candidates for Duke Student Government President. We are thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness and range of experiences represented by the candidates this year, as well as grateful to have engaged in insightful dialogue with each of them. 

After thoughtful deliberation, this board has decided to endorse Kristina Smith for DSG President during the 2018-2019 academic year. We were initially struck by her extensive track record of advocacy for students of traditionally marginalized identities on this campus. Kristina helped to revise the curriculum for Common Ground to make it safer for victims of gender violence, served as Vice President for the Center for Race Relations, and has worked consistently with various administrators and offices to develop a campus that is more inclusive to students of low-income backgrounds. Kristina‚Äôs platform is one that invites all members of the campus community, from students to staff to administrators, into the effort for a more equitable culture. Her proven history of striving to create a more accessible campus for all makes us confident that she will work hard to manifest the vision she holds for her presidency. 


Michael Ivory, Jr., BSA President, on behalf of the 2017-2018 Black Student Alliance Executive Board

*In compliance with the DSG Endorsement Policy, we are unable to endorse a candidate for Executive Vice President because we did not speak to all of the candidates. 


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