On Wednesday night, a segment aired on the show “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” entitled “We Need to Talk About Stephen Miller.” During her monologue, Bee brought up Miller, Trinity '07 and a senior policy advisor to President Donald Trump, in the context of his undergraduate days at Duke and the biweekly column he used to write for The Chronicle.

She mentioned some of Miller's famed controversial article topics including his lashing out against: “feminism, multiculturalism, immigration, Liberal professors [and] the war on Christmas.”

During the clip, Bee also featured Miller's column, “Welcome to the Durham Petting Zoo,” in which he described his thoughts on the city and its relationship to Duke. In the article, Miller calls Duke "Durham's lifeblood, plain and simple."

Bee highlighted the end of the column, where Miller explained why he thought it was ridiculous that he was asked to write his dorm janitor a birthday card.

“I had struck up a few conversations with this janitor, but I knew she would not have expected a birthday card from me anymore than I would from her. Yet we were all supposed to send our birthday wishes to the janitor as though she had no friends or life of her own,” Miller wrote, calling the situation an "insulting act of condescension."

Bee chose to talk about Miller because of his anti-immigration stance and the way that his position as senior policy advisor to the president influences decisions on the matter. In her speech, she placed the blame of recent White House actions beyond just Trump, pointing fingers at Miller.

“Why has governing ground to a halt over protections for Dreamers that 86 percent of Americans support? Believe it or not, the answer isn’t entirely Trump,” Bee said. “His specific policy proposals are as empty as his Oval Office desk. Those come from his senior policy advisor and political smallpox blanket, Stephen Miller.”