Alex was the best friend anyone could ask for. Even if you hadn’t spoken to him in weeks—months even—his demeanor never changed. His warmth, good humor and irrepressible energy made our lives better. 

I apologize for how few words I can share, I just find that the more I type, the more I obscure his wholesome, pure nature. 

We all lose loved ones. We can always go back and remember the many ways and moments in which they made us happy. This is more difficult with Alex, because his mere presence was a blessing. A party was only good if Mac was there. A meeting was much more enjoyable and tended to go on much longer. He made us who we are today, he brought friends into our circle, his capacity for love was boundless. He, his heart, his intelligence, were larger than life, and I believe that is precisely why he was meant for more than the perils of this simple, stupid world. 

You are an angel, Alexander McInnes McIlvaine. I love you brother. 

Puj Adusumilli is a Trinity senior.