Cutcliffe recounts flight with Randy Moss

Partway through his signing day press conference Wednesday, Duke head coach David Cutcliffe brought up a flight simulation he piloted on the recruiting trail while on a visit with Antone Williams, one of the 21 Blue Devils to sign with the program.

Cutcliffe visited the Delta Flight Museum, where Williams' mother works, and stepped into a simulation.

"I’ve got a great imagination, so we flew to Rome and back, staying on the ground the whole time," Cutcliffe said. "When I was in that simulator, it was a whole new story—it’s real. They put me in a thunderstorm and a landing at Washington National and all I was trying to do was keep it out of the Potomac [River].... When you have enough imagination, pretty cool to fly to Rome with a prospect. I don’t know if that’s an NCAA violation or what."

It may have been Cutcliffe's first time in a flight simulator while on a recruiting trip, but it was far from his first adventure with a recruit involving airplanes.

"In the old days, you used to go pick up kids in private planes. You want to talk about unique, they outlawed that I don’t know how many years ago, but I picked up one year in a snowstorm and that cat was so frightened," Cutcliffe said. "He had a Starter hoodie on and he pulled that thing down over his head and he would not speak. By the time we got on the ground back to the school, he was mad at me for even taking off. We blew all over the place. And you all would know who that guy is, I’ll just tell you—it was Randy Moss."


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