Students will have to wait a few more days to hear the release of this year’s anticipated LDOC lineup.

A video aired through Duke Student Broadcasting this afternoon held the promise of an official line-up announcement, but failed to follow through. Featuring sophomores and LDOC committee co-chairs Anton Saleh and David Soled, the video provided clues intended to serve as a build-up for the end of the video when the performers were to be announced. Following a countdown by the co-chairs, however, the screen goes black and the names yet to be announced.

“We want people guessing, talking about it,” Saleh said. “That’s the goal of the teaser.”

In 2012, the LDOC committee co-chairs Nate French and Jacob Robinson created a similar promotion video, Saleh said, adding that he and Soled used this strategy to build up hype for the line-up’s release.

“We hope the hype will add to the excitement of the actual day,” Soled said. “We want to get students excited about it, without just springing it on them.”

This year’s line-up is especially geared towards the preferences of the Duke students, according to a survey sent out in the fall, Saleh added. Both Saleh and Soled noted that students will be happily surprised.

“Things are a little different this year,” Soled said, noting changes in the overall format of the event.

Soled said he encourages students to use the clues to decipher the names of the performers, but said he is against students posting their conclusions on social media platforms such as Yik-Yak.

“We want the students to figure it out for themselves, “ he said. “It will be the best LDOC ever.”

The line-up will officially be announced Thursday at 10 p.m. on the LDOC Facebook page.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that two students named Jacob Robinson and Nate Silver were LDOC co-chairs in 2009. Jacob Robinson and Nate French were co-chairs in 2012. The Chronicle regrets the error.