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Trashy: A Photo Essay

Duke’s campus features stately archways, manicured grass, gothic renaissance and good old North Carolina sunshine. It’s the type of idyllic that shocks open the mouths of first-time visitors and occasionally, longtime students too (cue main quad insta). But upon further glance, one comes to realize that a problem has settled over our gothic wonderland—a big, trashy one.

?1. And so begins the (somewhat) epic Duke University Trash Hunt of 2014—How much trash will I come across on my daily walk from Science Drive to Blue Zone?

2. Spotted: white sheets of paper among the Science Drive trees.... maybe someone just didn't like their bio test grade?

3. Okay. A LOT of people didn't like their bio test grades.

4. Eeeeek this one's been here a while.

5. If trash isn't actually all the way in the trash can, is it even trash at all?

6. Got milk?

7. An otherwise idyllic candid Duke moment photo-bombed by a stray Coke Zero.

8. Vondy wouldn't be the same without pumpkin bread, iced chais, soft jazz and trash.

9. Okay. I don't play tennis but something tells me this isn't right.

10. I've seen that there really is trash all around us, even on a campus as beautiful as Duke's. Next time you're walking across campus, try and pay extra attention to the amount of litter you pass—you may be surprised!

Emma Loewe is a senior from Connecticut. Don't worry -- she made sure to pick up the trash after she photographed it.


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