Editor's note

Daniel Carp (left) and Danielle Muoio (right) are Towerview's fearless leaders this year.
Daniel Carp (left) and Danielle Muoio (right) are Towerview's fearless leaders this year.

Dear readers,

It’s summertime, the living is easy, and Towerview has two new co-editors. A little bit about ourselves: when we’re not eating buffalo wings or arguing about, well, really anything, you can find us being anti-social in the back of the Chronicle office listening to one of our three preferred Pandora radio stations. As the former sports editor (Dan) and editor-in-chief (Danielle), we may be new to this magazine game but certainly not to the art of writing a kick-ass story and making it look good too. And if there is one thing we can agree upon, it’s that we should always strive to write ambitious stories.

We see Towerview as the intersection between news, sports and culture at Duke, ranging from the utterly whimsical to deeply investigative and everywhere in between. When you open this magazine, you’ll see our first attempt at capturing this. We by no means see it as a finished product, but rather the first step on a rewarding journey.

In case you haven’t noticed by the abundance of scaffolding, national championships and impending opening of Duke’s first campus in China, there is a lot going on at our school right now. It’s our job to try and go places you can’t in the daily pages of The Chronicle, and don’t worry—we’ll have some fun along the way.

Lots of our fellow classmates have checked out for a victory lap, a decision that we sometimes envy. But for two admitted control freaks, stepping down from a nightly commitment to a monthly one was about as far as we could get. A few extra all-nighters is well worth the feeling of holding a finished product in our hands.

For those of you opening up this magazine for the very first time, welcome to Towerview. For those who have opened this magazine for years and are noticing some significant changes, welcome to the new Towerview.

We probably won’t do this close to perfectly, but we’ll sure as hell try. Enjoy reading.



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