How many of you want to lead an extraordinary life? Want to create something that drives change much bigger than yourself? Maybe you’re a chemistry major because you want to cure breast cancer. Or you’re studying public policy because you believe America’s education system needs serious reform. Or perhaps you’re studying economics because you believe more efficient markets could provide food to thousands of starving people around the world.

What’s the point in living a life where you play it safe? Don’t you want to be part of something bigger?

This April, Duke will be flying in CEOs of 17 game-changing healthcare delivery organizations for the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke Summit. We’re talking about the brightest leaders in healthcare—Fast Company’s number one most innovative healthcare technology for 2013 that significantly reduces counterfeit medications; a Gates-funded, tuberculosis treatment organization that uses fingerprint recognition technology to drive drug compliance; a chain of primary care clinics operating out of shipping containers in partnership with UPS, Chevron, Cisco and others to serve truck drivers and other migrant workers. Talk about high impact.

While it may sound daunting to change the world, it’s certainly not impossible. It’s about identifying problems—really painful problems—and working creatively and collaboratively to identify a solution. Just ask one of the SEAD CEOs who noticed most of the world had access to mobile phones and at the same time lacked access to trained doctors and nurses. Naturally, she created an innovative technology solution that married the two. Three years later, she’s rolling out her technology across India with a global medical device partner and piloting its implementation at Duke—reducing the wait time for uninsured patients to see certain specialists from 12 weeks to three days. That’s powerful.

Could you see yourself on this path? Are you interested in building a business focused on making people’s lives exponentially better?

Duke couldn’t be more excited to bring these CEOs to campus on Friday, April 4 for the SEAD Symposium. Register online for a chance to meet healthcare leaders from India, Kenya, Burundi, Mexico and the U.S. of course. For you to learn what gave them the courage to start their quest. And for you to inspire each other.

After all—Duke only lasts for four years. Make it your springboard to change the world.

Anne Katharine Wales
Project Manager, SEAD