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New email system elicits mixed reviews

Last week, the University switched from Webmail to the Microsoft Office 365 email platform. OIT leaders said the change is supposed to foster collaboration and communication among University departments and the health system. Additionally, the mailbox sized increased, and the web interface and calendaring system were updated. The Chronicle's Sean Miller and Raisa Chowdhury asked students for their reactions to the change.

“Wait there’s a new Webmail system?”
—senior Ryan Kim

"I have a lot of thoughts. Why mess with a good thing? I was very frustrated when I kept getting emails that my email was changing. I hate the new email. I absolutely hate the new email because I didn't know how to change it on my phone. I hate the setup—you can't just go to your inbox. The level of change is too damn high."

—sophomore Katie Dukovich

“It’s way better.”
Jade Kessler

"I get it forwarded to my Gmail."

—sophomore Alex Stonehill

"I think the constant buzzing is a problem."

—junior Sophia Blair

“I had to reset the configuration on my phone, which was a huge pain. I’m not sure why they changed
—senior Nikhil Prakash

"I feel like nothing changed. I feel more popular. My phone buzzes."

—sophomore Lauren "Scoopz" Miranda

“I use the iPhone mail app, and it stopped forwarding correctly. I’ve fixed it now.”
—senior Jenny Xue

"I'm most displeased by it."

—junior Alan Ni

"Huge fan."

—junior Jay Wang

"Seems unnecessary. I wonder how much money they wasted on this.”
—senior Luis Lopez

"It's more handy. I like the colors better."

—Max Andre, second-year master's student in mechanical engineering

"It's faster. It has a more intuitive user interface, so I would say I like it. I definitely like it better than the previous one."

—junior Minhaz Islam

“My math class taught me time travel to the past was impossible, but the lack of email on my phone would suggest otherwise.”
—senior Robert Collopy

"It's a better setup than the old email system. I like the layout a little more. I still don't like it a time, but it's definitely an improvement."

—sophomore Josh Lariscy

"It's user friendly and it loads faster. I personally use my email on my Gmail account but it was hard for me to figure out how to forward my mail."

—Max Erdemandi, second-year master's student in liberal studies

“I forward all my emails to Gmail, so if there are any new features they are pretty irrelevant to me anyways.”
—senior Shiv Parikh

“It’s a little bit faster, but I can’t get it to work with any of the Outlook mobile apps.” —senior Wei Deng

"I use an external client to get my mail so it doesn't make much of a difference to me but I heard it looks a lot better and you can look people up in the directory."

—sophomore Safa Kaleem

“I forward to Gmail, so it makes no difference.”
—senior Harris Osserman

“Looks nice.”
Becky DeNardis