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Duke Free Store Returns

A weathered backgammon set. Stacks of hardbound books. An assortment of mugs, twin extra-long sheets, and mountains of manila folders and 3-ring binders. These are just a sampling of the motley treasure-trove that is available for free in the upper level of the Bryan Center.

The Duke Free store is back in business, and this past Monday students flocked around its offerings, inspecting the various knick-knacks and perusing its plethora of office supplies.

“I usually come for the books” said Billy Huang, a senior. He flipped through the book he was holding, and at his feet was a cardboard box full of hardcovers, one of which was titled Modeling the Aids Epidemic.

Kelly Shen, a sophomore who helps run the Free Store, said that students and staff stop by pretty often. According to her, some flashy items go faster than others.

“We had a pink lawn flamingo – who wouldn’t want that?” Shen said.

According to the store’s Facebook page, the only items not accepted are “potentially dangerous, alive, toxic, larger than a men’s basketball player, or illegal”.

The Free Store is looking to expand, and according to sophomore Emily Yang, there is a plan to set up monthly donation boxes that would make it easier for people to contribute. Sustainable Duke and Duke Recycles are in the process of talking to different building managers and organizing a truck pick-up service at sites all around campus.

“Hopefully,this will make it easier for people to donate to the Free Store”, Yang said.

The Duke Free Store will return every other Monday, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Donation of lawn flamingoes is encouraged.


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