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Vote Swain, Oathout

The Black Student Alliance is pleased to announce its endorsement of Alex Swain for DSG president. After meeting and evaluating each of the candidates, we found that Swain demonstrated the most thorough understanding of the issues facing each segment of campus.

In particular, we found Swain’s commitment to advocacy inspiring. In her role as the vice president of Durham and regional affairs, Swain has garnered experience in policy on campus and off, ultimately providing her with a broader knowledge of Duke and Durham at large. Additionally, her work with on the house model committee, student conduct, sexual assault, and new tailgate initiatives are proof of her exposure to an array of student issues and general impact on campus—an impact that we are sure she will continue as president of Duke Student Government.

Swain is strategic, pragmatic and provides a unique perspective on both gender and cultural issues. We felt she was the most sensitive to the concept of the “other” on campus and minority interests in a way that does neither hinders her vision nor her objectivity. In sum, Swain represents everything one looks for in a leader: inspired, dedicated, sympathetic, poised and detail-oriented.

With regard to the other candidates, the Black Student Alliance found Chris Brown’s experience and knowledge of transportation issues to be valuable but better equipped for a position that allows him to focus on these issues exclusively. Meanwhile, we found Strat Waldt’s heart and sheer love for campus commendable. He is connected and genuinely concerned for the well-being of all students, but did not express any experience working with University administrators.

We would also like to publicly affirm our support for Patrick Oathout. Oathout’s track record of legislative efficiency and knowledge of parliamentary procedure should lead to a more productive senate.

Marcus Benning, Trinity ’14

President-Elect, Black Student Alliance


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