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If there was ever a place that offered a meal to compensate for a year’s worth of barely palatable college food, it’s The Fairview Dining Room. Located in the ever glamorous Washington Duke Inn, these meals are often far out of the meager college budget of monopoly money-esque food points. If anyone were ever to face the apocalyptic problem of extra food points, this would be the place to spend it. I was afforded the wonderful pleasure of experiencing samplings from their new Spring Menu in advance. Words fail me.

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Now, I must say that this appetizer called Ahi Tuna Tartare one of the most appetizing things I have ever had the pleasure to lay my food-loving eyes on. And here's the kicker: I'm vegetarian. The other members of the party sampling the menu with me seemed to love it. Of course, I can't be sure because they were all much too busy maintaining the momentum of hand to fork, fork to food, food to mouth and repeat! It's rude to speak with your mouth open, don't ya know...

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Now here was my favorite pat of the meal—the part when I could eat. This delicious Spring Salad included all the delectable tastes of a fresh new season from baby lettuce and the classic addition of strawberries to the more exotic and typically southern vidslia onions. It was complemented beautifully by a creamy yet still light and refreshing Spring Sweet Pea Soup.

My mouth hailed in the coming season sitting in the outside seating arrangement, next to the golf course, surrounded by lovely Durham.

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This artistic masterpiece of a plate featured Chesapeake Wild Striped Bass and Pan Roasted Rack of Lamb all dressed up and ready to go. Meat? Yes. So in my belly? No. But I was a bit preoccupied controlling the drool its mere appearance caused.

1.) That is hardly good table manners.

2.) Looks aren't everything! It's what's on the inside that matters...

But from my meal companions, the only thing better than its stunning presentation was its satiating taste.


Needless to say, the meal was incredible. Served with the WaDuke's extensive collection of good wine, or just water, this is a meal to die for. Next time you have a need to celebrate, need a pick-me-up splurge meal or just want to blow those last few monopoly food points, this is the place to go.

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Executive Chef Jason Cunningham outdid himself. Not that I can really say that seeing as I have been in Durham for a grand total of two years, but honestly, it can't POSSIBLY get much better than this!


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