Seven selected as Young Trustee semifinalists

The Young Trustee Nominating Committee named seven semifinalists Sunday afternoon. The committee could have selected up to eight semifinalists, but could not agree on an eighth person from the 15 students who applied. The three finalists will be selected Thursday, and the Young Trustee will be elected Feb. 9 by the student body.

Click on the name of each semifinalist below in order to view his or her Young Trustee application:

Meg Foran

Senior Majors: English, Linguistics Involvement: FAC Board Co-Chair; Student Alumni Advisory Board Chair

Ben Getson

Junior Major: Computer Science Involvement: Founder and Vice President of Ubuntu

Chelsea Goldstein

Senior Major: Political Science Involvement: DSG VP for Academic Affairs; Duke Debate President;  member of The Chronicle’s Editorial Board

John Harpham

Senior Majors: Political Science, French Involvement: Former Chair of The Chronicle’s Editorial Board; A.B. Duke Scholarship Selection Committee

Adam Nathan

Senior Major: Program II: International Development Involvement: President of Duke Partnership for Service; Founder of Hope Scholars Program

Zachary Perret

Senior Majors: Biology, Chemistry Involvement: President of DUU; Institutional Advancement Committee of the Duke Board of Trustees

Alexis Rosenblum

Senior Major:  Public Policy Involvement: President of the International Association; President of  Duke Consulting Club

Editor’s Note: Chelsea Goldstein and John Harpham, members of The Chronicle’s independent editorial board, recused themselves from the board Jan. 12 to apply for the position of Young Trustee. Due to the anonymous application process, their recusals could not be made public until now. Both Goldstein and Harpham will continue to recuse themselves from the board as long as they are candidates. If elected Young Trustee, both candidates have agreed to resign from the editorial board. Please contact Will Robinson ( if you have questions.


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