Dawkins Set to Return to Duke Today

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Duke Basketball Report has announced that freshman guard Andre Dawkins is likely to return to Duke's campus today after taking a leave following the tragic death of his 21-year-old sister, Lacey Dawkins.

Dawkins' sister died in a car crash on Tuesday on her way to watch Duke play St. John's Saturday. Dawkins' biological mother, Tamara Hill, was also in the car at the time of the crash.

Before tragedy struck the Dawkins family, the freshman put together a great start to his freshman campaign and has averaged 9.9 ppg including 51.3 percent shooting from long range.

According to Bill Brill's post on DBR's forum:

"andre will return to school saturday with coach K and nate james, who are attending the saturday funeral. he is eligible to play tuesday. andre's dad was at the st. john's game and told K of the accident three hours prior, but he had been told the injuries were not life-threatening and the dad asked that andre not be told until after. it was after the game they learned she had died. andre returned home to virginia with his father. lacey was andre's biological sister but not andre sr's child. he adopted her before the split with the mother. andre jr. will take his exams after the holidays but before the start of the second semester. coach K gave this info today at the blue devil club meeting."


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