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Union plans LDOC reforms

The last day of classes will see a reformed planning process this year.

At their meeting Tuesday night, Duke University Union members addressed problems regarding LDOC and the relationship between the LDOC committee and DUU.

“Last year, the LDOC committee went over budget, so DUU had to give a $12,000 loan,” said President Zach Perret, a junior. “We don’t want that to happen again.”

LDOC 2009 cost the committee approximately $17,000 more than budgeted, $12,000 of which was directly withdrawn from this year’s LDOC budget, The Chronicle reported in April. The amount was initially funded by DUU’s reserve fund.

As an independent organization, the LDOC committee receives its funding from various sources, including DUU, Campus Council and independent donors. But it currently lacks direct and clear oversight from DUU and Campus Council, Perret said.

“The system is there, but it’s not effective,” he said.

The current system for LDOC is managed by the members of the committee selected by the president, who is chosen through an election process by the DUU and Campus Council presidents. As of now, it is not required to have any official documentation regarding plans or budgets for LDOC.

In order to create a better system, DUU plans to run the election for LDOC president earlier this year to get the committee started on projects sooner. DUU is also considering creating by-laws or constitutions for the LDOC committee as well as introducing a chief financial official that has the task of overseeing the budget. 

“We don’t want our influence to dictate LDOC, but we want there to be financial and social oversight,” Perret said.

Other members also agreed to implement more direct methods of communication with the LDOC committee.

“It’s a matter of trying to create accountability for the LDOC committee,” said Vice-President of Communications Karen Chen, a junior.

Although all ideas were not confirmed, DUU announced there will be changes to the LDOC committee.

“Next year, I want to see LDOC more socially conscious,” Perret said. “Now we’re trying to set a system so those problems will be emphasized.”

In other business:

DUU has confirmed four of five prizes for the Homecoming Scavenger hunt event, including a $1,000 gift certificate to Best Buy, a gift certificate package for local restaurants, a $200 Visa Card, and autographed footballs, jerseys and T-shirts from the football team.


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