T3 = The Terminator?

Executive Vice President Tallman Trask's picture on his profile page is at first glance what you'd expect: The chief financial and business officer poses in an engineering building wearing a sharp suit and his signature round-frame glasses.

But a scroll over the image reveals a very different side to T3; in his place a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator pops up. Looks like a hacker decided to have a little fun. We'll leave the speculation up to you all on what exactly they were getting at, but we won't deny that the trick is entertaining. Hasta la vista, baby.

Update: Associate news editor and recess editor David Graham informed me that Trask has a full-size cut-out of Schwarzenegger as the Terminator in his office. He has also dressed up as the character at events like "Save Tailgate" and K-ville checks. What do you think--is T3 behind the bluff?


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