Rhode Island's Baron Turns In Redick-Like Performance

Photo by Eric Mansfield/The Chronicle

J.J. Redick wasn't in Cameron Indoor Stadium Sunday afternoon, but Rhode Island's Jimmy Baron's performance made it seem like Duke fans were watching Redick on rewind.

It might have seemed that way for Baron, too, who became the sharpshooter he is by watching highlight reels of the former Duke star long ago.

"I know [Jimmy Baron] loved J.J., and Chris Collins would send different drills and different tapes of J.J. for him to watch," Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "During one time stop in action I was thinking, ‘Why the hell did we do that?'"

Good question.

Krzyzewski had reason to doubt that act of good will as Baron hit shot after shot to keep the Rams in the lead. The senior scored 24 points on 8-of-10 shooting from long range, and, in perfect Redick style, did not hit any free throws or 2-point field goals. The senior hit a stunning seven threes in the second period, most of them spectacular.

Baron made 3-pointers from the wing, from the corner, and from the top of the key; with a man right in his face, and with a little breathing room; with his toes right on the 3-point arc, and from one step in front of the Coach K Court logo on the floor.

Read more about how Duke stopped Baron in the final minutes in tomorrow's game analysis, only in The Chronicle.


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