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Immigration column misses the mark

In order to reach a conclusion on the fate of the millions of immigrants that live in the United States, we must first drop stereotypes and recognize the reality. The generalization made of illegal immigrants in Jeremy Marshall's editorial, "Keep 'Em Out" are problematic and prejudiced. First of all, his assertion that "millions. seek to kill us" is absurd and offensive. We would like to challenge him to produce evidence of the desire of millions of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico who have demonstrated this desire. It would be ridiculous to say that people who see America as the land of opportunity and leave their life and family behind would seek to destroy or harm this country through terrorism. If we are really worried about threats to national security from illegal immigrants, then the United States should create a system of accountability in which illegal immigrants would be legalized. Millions of illegal immigrants directly fuel the economy. It would not only be infeasible to "keep 'em out," but detrimental to the prosperity of our economy. While we respect Marshall's opinion, we challenge those who hold similar perspectives to understand the complexity of the situation and to not see illegal immigrants as a faceless "they" but as your housekeeper, gardener, future congresspeople, teachers and doctors.

Mi Gente, Latino Student Association


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