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Crime Briefs

Man arrested, 23 felony warrants served

Twenty-three felony warrants for burglary, breaking and entering and larceny were served on Curtis Louis Sangster (DOB Feb. 22, 1970, 3209 Spottswood Rd., Raleigh) at the Durham County Jail Nov. 18. The warrants are in reference to a number of burglaries and larcenies from East and West Campus dormitories during the weekend of Nov. 7 to 9. Sangster was brought to Durham from the Harnett County Jail after being arrested at Campbell University for burglary and larceny Nov. 15. Sangster, who could not be reached for comment, is currently in jail on a total of $650,000 bond. His first appearance in court is Dec. 3.

Visitor accosted by armed men on Towerview

A visitor reported at 4:18 a.m. Nov. 23 that he was the victim of an attempted armed robbery on Towerview Road between Science Drive and Erwin Road. The victim reported that he was walking toward Erwin Road when two men came out of the woods. One of the men pointed a chrome revolver at his head and told him to "give it up." The victim reported that the second man patted him down and said, "He doesn't have anything." The men then fled the area on foot. The victim said the men were wearing black ski masks, all black clothing and black gloves. The victim was unable to determine the race or age of the two suspects. The suspects did not take anything from the victim.

Verbal altercation stopped before fight breaks out

Officers responded to a report of a possible fight in progress at the Wannamaker patio at 2:30 a.m. Nov. 22. When officers arrived they found a group of students surrounding another student. Officers spoke to a female student who said that an intoxicated student came up to her in the dorm and tried to talk to her. When she attempted to leave, the intoxicated male grabbed her by the arm. The victim said she felt threatened and called for help. Several students who lived in the area came out and surrounded the male student, which resulted in a verbal altercation. No blows were thrown and the female victim was not injured. The female student declined to press any criminal charges.

Visitor strikes student, no charges pressed

An officer responded to a report of a fight in progress at House Y at 3:35 a.m. Nov. 23. When officers arrived they spoke to a student who reported that a visitor struck him three or four times after threatening him and pushing him. The visitor was identified as a student from another university. The victim was not seriously injured and declined to press any criminal charges. The visitor was trespassed from Duke University.

Student caught urinating near bus stop

Officers observed what appeared to be a man urinating on a tree near the West Campus bus stop at 2:04 a.m. Nov. 22. Officers stopped the man and issued a citation to Adam Pearse (DOB July 23, 1984, 302 Gilbert Addoms) for urinating in public, a city ordinance violation. Pearse could not be reached for comment.

Screwdriver-wielding subject arrested

BB or pellet gun may be behind broken glass An officer reported damage to the front door of the IM Building at 10:50 p.m. Nov. 21. The officer found the glass broken on the right side door. The door was seen undamaged at 9 p.m. the same evening. The glass appeared to have been broken by some kind of projectile, possibly a BB gun or pellet gun. The damage is valued at $300.

A student reported damage to windows at Edens 1-C at 2:55 a.m. Nov. 23. The student reported that he heard something strike the glass and saw pieces of glass fall from a first-floor window. Officers checked the area and found two small chipped areas on a window consistent with damage from a BB or pellet gun. Damage to the window is valued at $200.

An employee reported at 9:49 a.m. Nov. 19 that a suspicious person was looking into vehicles in the parking lots on Research Drive. Officers responded and found Jeff Elliot (DOB April 6, 1986, 17 Zelko Ct.) in the Sands lot. A records check determined that Elliot had been previously trespassed from Duke property. Elliot, who was found in possession of a screwdriver, was arrested and charged with second degree trespassing and possession of burglary tools. Elliot, who could not be reached for comment, was placed under a $2000 secured bond. His court date is set for Dec. 15.

Attempted break-in cut short

A student reported what appeared to be an attempted breaking and entering at the Old Chemistry Building at 1:37 a.m. Nov. 22. The student said he was in the computer lab when he heard a noise. He looked up and saw an unknown man pry open the window and look inside. The man left when he saw the student in the room. The suspect is described as a black male in his late 20s with a bald or shaved head.

Student cited for underage possession of a malt beverage

While on patrol, officers saw a group of students outside a Central Campus apartment talking loudly and drinking at 12:10 p.m. Nov. 22. Officers checked the identification of the students and cited Patrick Erker (DOB April 6, 1984, 316 Southgate Dorm) for underage possession of a malt beverage. Erker's court date is Dec. 9, 2003. Erker could not be reached for comment.

Officers issue citation for broken gate arm

Officers observed a male subject breaking the gate arm at Towerview and Wannamaker Dr. at 2:45 p.m. Nov. 19. The officers, who were assisting a motorist in the Blue Zone parking lot at the time, caught the person and cited him for misdemeanor Damage to Real Property. The student, who could not be reached for comment, is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 12.

Face-plate stolen from car

An employee reported Nov. 19 that someone broke into her 2001 Toyota Corolla in the 705 Broad St. parking lot. The employee said she parked her car in the lot at 7:30 p.m. The break-in was found at 8:50 p.m. The $100 passenger side window was broken, and a $275 Alpine stereo detachable face-plate was stolen.

Multiple thefts reported

An employee at a 2024 W. Main St. office reported at 3:54 p.m. Nov. 19 a number of thefts from the office. The latest theft was of a $180 Palm Pilot and two memory cards valued at $120. The employee said that a number of small items have been stolen from the offices in the past and never reported. There are no exact dates available on the thefts.

Tires flat, but apparently undamaged

A student reported that he found all four tires to his 1996 Toyota 4-runner were flat at 3:51 p.m. Nov. 21. The student reported that he parked his vehicle in front of Gilbert-Addoms dorm at 5 p.m. Nov. 20. The tires did not appear to have been damaged.

Vehicle entered, nothing damaged, nothing stolen

A student reported a break-in to her 1995 BMW at 2 p.m. Nov. 21. The student reported that she parked the vehicle in the Blue Zone parking lot at 1:45 p.m. Nov. 19. She reported that she locked her car and closed the sunroof. When she returned she found the sunroof open and the door unlocked. The glove box door was open and it appeared that the vehicle had been entered and searched. Nothing was missing from the vehicle and no damage was done.

Extension ladder filched A contractor reported the theft of a 40' aluminum extension ladder from outside House GG1 Nov. 22. The contractor reported that he left two ladders outside the building at 5 p.m. Nov. 21. When he returned at 10:50 a.m. Nov. 22 a $340 ladder was missing.

Cell phone stolen

A security officer reported a break-in to a 2002 Ford Explorer at the parking lot on Hillsborough Road at 1:39 p.m. Nov. 21. The owner was contacted and reported that she parked the vehicle in the lot at 9 a.m. Nov. 21. The passenger side window and driver side door were damaged and a $100 Alltel cellular phone was stolen. The damage to the vehicle is valued at $300.


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