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Letter: Republican candidates show qualities to lead N.C.

As you head to the polls today, you must understand the importance of this election and what your choices means for the future of the state of North Carolina and of our nation.

It is obvious that many tough challenges will present those whom we elect today. Fortunately, the ballot is replete with candidates who are prepared to confront these issues with the well-being of North Carolina's citizens in mind.

Elizabeth Dole is the clear choice for the U.S. Senate. She has served her country, her state and Duke University tirelessly and will continue to do so as the next Senator from North Carolina. Her vision for our state's future is considerably more viable and coherent than that of her opponent. Dole outlines a plan where North Carolinians are incorporated into an ever-growing global economy, are allowed a limited flexibility in planning for their retirements and are not burdened by undue taxation and government spending.

Likewise, cast your vote for Tuan Nguyen to represent North Carolina's Fourth Congressional district. Nguyen, a son of Vietnamese immigrants and self-made businessman, will offer a fresh view in Washington. His experience in small business means that he has a strong understanding of leadership, initiative and the kind of policies that will invigorate North Carolina's economy.

In recent years, judges have increasing endeavored to use the bench to legislate. As this is not the intent of jural authority, vote for the judicial candidates who promise to uphold the law and not rewrite it.

Send Bob Orr and Ed Brady to the North Carolina Supreme Court and Judge Anne Marie Calabria, Judge Bill Constangy, Judge Eric Levinson, Judge Sanford Steelman and Eric Elmore to the Court of Appeals. Locally, vote Jim Hill to your District Court.

The people of North Carolina need strong, principled and forward-looking leadership and these candidates provide just that. Vote for Elizabeth Dole, Tuan Nguyen and the Republican judicial candidates today.


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