University's Sept. 11 commemoration falls short

I had great expectations for Wednesday's memorial service in front of the Chapel but Duke fell far short. Upon arriving at the memorial service, I noticed how few members of the Duke community were actually in attendance. The entire Duke community should have had the opportunity to attend the memorial service. If this means canceling classes around noon, then so be it. Several of my fellow students expressed their outrage and disappointment at their inability to attend the memorial service, forced instead to attend classes where the topic of Sept. 11 was hardly broached. This is unacceptable. Many of Duke's policies have irked the student body over the past few years, but this may have been its greatest misstep yet. What I took from hearing Michael Lawrence speak about his experience on Sept. 11 is something no book could offer. I feel disappointed for all the members of the Duke community that were not given that same opportunity, and I hope they will express similar outrage to the University.


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