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Recent column illogical, ignorant, poorly written

I think I would have been angered by Nick Christie's idiotic drivel, or rather, column Monday had I not been so amused by the degree to which it was illogical, ignorant and poorly written. If one follows Christie's logic, one would be unable to take pride in anything. Perhaps Christie should extend his criticism by showing slides of the Holocaust at Oktoberfest, reading lists of atrocities from the Reign of Terror at next year's Bastille Day, lecturing African-Americans with African clothing about that continent's continuance of a centuries-old history of slavery and genocide, reminding cross-bearing Christians of the Crusades, discouraging Jews from attending services during the High Holidays because of the oppression of the Palestinian people. Muslims, too, should not wear traditional garb because of terrorist attacks and a history of anti-Semitism, the Union Jack should be a shameful sign because of a legacy of harsh imperialism, anyone waving a Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo should be reminded of the many indigenous peoples whose land has been stolen under that flag, Canadians should put away those Maple Leafs at hockey games and all Americans better hide those Stars and Stripes on the Fourth of July because you both displaced Japanese citizens and immigrants during World War II.


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