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Columnist should open his eyes, a history book

I have to shake my head in wonder at Nick Christie's tirade against the South and wonder if this sports editor has ever opened a history book or opened his eyes and looked around him.

I'll make this short and direct Christie's attention to New York City, the most liberal city in the United States and far from the atrocity-ridden South in his imagination. Is he aware that just a few blocks from the World Trade Center is a grave yard of black slaves, numbering in the thousands, who were literally worked to death by the New York yankees of the 18th and 19th centuries? Yes, some whites in the South did hang several hundred black people in a short racist period in our history. The New York yankees' grave yard is estimated to harbor the remains of up to 10,000 slaves, most of whom were teenagers (according to a Howard University forensics study) when their white owners disposed of them.

Let's see if Christie can use his Duke education to tally the figures: New York City's killings of blacks--10,000. The entire South's killings of blacks--couple of hundred.


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