Ahh, AmZlie, ma cherie. You tickle my palette, intoxicate me with the sweet wine of your dazzling smile. How you brighten up the screen, how you delight my senses like a skip through Montmartre on the briskest autumn day. I admit it, petite amie, at first I resisted your charms. I thought of Ally McBeal, her silly fantasies so much like yours. But je ne savais pas, you are lovable and she a wretched hag... Pah! Perhaps I was expecting different from your gloomy director Jean Jeunet--perhaps my heart was stone. But no, now I feel fresh as if off my bidet! Alas, you are too light and fleeting--tomorrow my memory shall say au revoir. But today, je t'aime, AmZlie. --By Greg Bloom


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