Some might call it organized debate—a clash of ideas and opinions in the form of invigorating verbal jousting. Others might call it a form of introspection—exploring important issues surrounding Duke life that, at times, challenge the status quo and, at times, ignite raging debate. We like to call “it” The Chronicle’s Editorial Board, the independent voice of the student newspaper. And, today, we invite all opinionated individuals with a fire for argumentation to apply to join the debate.

Why join the Editorial Board? Socially, academically, architecturally, Duke’s campus is one constantly roiling in exciting change. Within the past year, students moved from dining in Gothic West Union to feasting in a futuristic glass box, we became a “football school,” the chunk of the BC Plaza that disappeared behind plywood later disappeared quite literally and, with the passing of the provost-torch to new leadership, the change will undoubtedly continue.

Amid this galloping pace of change, the Editorial Board is uniquely positioned to not only grapple with the pertinent issues of today, but also to deliberate and, perhaps, shape the future of this place we call our home away from home. The Editorial Board meets twice a week. In our meetings, we brainstorm topics that matter most to students and pique the curious mind, argue about them and finally formulate a collective opinion we then publish in the daily paper. The process is one of intellectual wrangling: more conceptual than mechanical, more theoretical than logistical, but, ultimately, immensely rewarding. On one level, you quickly learn to parse arguments, pinpoint central claims and sharpen your debating dexterity. On a broader level, the published editorials can, in some small or explosive way, ignite rabble-rousing campus-wide debate.

Being on the Editorial Board at Duke—more so than at the other blue school down the road or the crimson school up North—is an exciting place to be. It is a unique platform to have your voice be heard. It is a place where, five days a week, the president’s office and deans across campus tune in and listen.

You may ask, is Editorial Board for you? In response, we ask: do you enjoy wrestling with tough questions? Do you refuse to settle for the popular opinion simply because it is the loudest voice speaking? Do you possess panache for writing and clearness for argumentation? Are you committed and passionate—the type of person who comes to meetings on time and prepared? Do you thrive at the line where rabble-rousing controversy meets good sense, deep thought and informed argumentation? If you are any or all of these, then we say "yes," come join the fray.

It is an exciting time to be a student at Duke, and we invite you to add just a splash more color and a tad more heat through lively debate by joining Editorial Board. Email for more information.