Bowling for Soup will bring the campus back to 1985 during this year's Old Duke Concert.

The Texas-based punk rock band will perform April 4 at 7 p.m on the Keohane Quandrangle. Pop singer Ryan Cabrera will also be featured as the opening act. Old Duke—an annual concert that traditionally highlights throwback artists that remind students of their childhood—brought over 1,200 students to the quad to see Smash Mouth perform last year.

"Everyone loved Smash Mouth last year, so we wanted to stick with the band vibe for this year," said sophomore Alexandra Levine, chair of the DUU Joe College committee.

The band's most recent album "Lunch. Drunk. Love." debuted in 2013 and was well-received by the band's fan base. They are best known for their cover of "1985," which was released in 2004.

“They should bring a fun energy to the campus and bring everyone back to their roots,” Levine said.

The Joe College committee is anticipating between 1,200 and 1,500 to attend Old Duke this year. Cabrera was selected to make the concert palatable to a wider range students, Levine said.

“We wanted to bring an opener who was in a different genre to attract people,” she said. “Bowling for Soup and Smash Mouth are both very loud rock bands and it would be nice if people had someone quieter and relaxed to start the show.”