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William Rooney



Finding freedom in truth

For the class of 2016, the penultimate week of classes in our final year at Duke is concluding. Amidst the typical Duke buzz and added senior-year pressures, we are called to consider who we have become and the role that Duke has played in that process.


More than consent

In most on-campus conversations concerning morality today, “consent” is the sole barometer. If, for example, two people agree to an act, no matter what the act is, it is deemed permissible, and if they do not agree, then the act is impermissible.


Thanking whom?

As the fall semester winds down, Thanksgiving provides a welcome respite. The break allows us to catch up with friends and family, enjoy a great meal and bask in the nostalgia of old times at home. But Thanksgiving Day is—or at least was—meant to be more.


When in doubt...

Duke is a competitive environment where success is measured in tangible results and where high ambitions and finite opportunities produce rivalry.

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