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Sydney Sarachek


Asbestos exposure has long been a concern for Central Campus residents, and the recent discovery of black mold has raised more questions about apartment living conditions.

Black mold found in Central Campus apartment

 Recent findings in central campus apartments have given rise to questions regarding whether they are safe living conditions. Mackenzie Drazan, a sophomore who was living in a central campus apartment, discovered black mold in the walls and in the air of her apartment. She said that her roommate moved in before her and noticed that the bathtub was covered with black residue, so she bleached the tub in an attempt to clean it.


Trinity academic dean model revamped

The academic deans that this year’s Trinity freshman met with during orientation week will be the same academic Deans they meet with before graduating Duke in four years. This is due to Duke’s new four-year dean model, which assigns Trinity students academic deans, based on their first year residences, who will remain each student’s academic dean until receiving his or her Duke diploma.

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