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Shivam Dave



When our heroes take the court

Even fans of certain players, admirers of certain athletes, will tone-police these same individuals, cautioning them from taking extreme steps outside of their roles as just basketball players. They will present the ultimate question every basketball fan—every sports fan, even—faces: why do you care so much about players you don’t actually know, teams you are not a part of, outcomes that don’t tangibly affect you or a game you can barely play?


Accepting the unacceptable

The reasons that Republicans offer for the prevalence of gun violence betray their commitment to do absolutely nothing about this issue going forward. They emphasize the “evil” nature of the shooting and the shooter, knowing full well that we can’t legislate against evil. They claim that no sort of gun laws would prevent a criminal from procuring a gun.


The weight of the letters

You will spend large parts of the next few years within an all-male community with little outside input, running the risk of locking yourself into a hyper-masculine, alcohol-filled echo chamber. Pretty soon you’ll be so deep in this culture that calling out a brother for casual racism or sexism, or admitting you have a mental health issue that you try to treat with alcohol, will become impossible.

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