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Sami Kirkpatrick

worms in space

Sami Kirkpatrick is a Trinity sophomore. His column, "worms in space," runs on alternate Wednesdays.



The stories only I know

I had heard of the A word, the S word, and even the F word before, but this W word, before even I even knew what it was, seemed to be on a whole other level. After all, W is a much more exotic letter than A or S or F.


On Instagram and the sorority squat

Often I’m not even aware that I’ve made the decision to check social media; I find myself pulling up Snapchat completely instinctively. Above all else, my checking habits stem from a compulsive need to not leave things incomplete. Quite simply, they represent an utter waste of time. 


Guns, knives, and fidget spinners

My biggest takeaway from the gun show was that as much as I disagreed with these people’s politics or lifestyle choices, I can’t say that anyone I met was unkind or hostile in any way. In fact, everyone greeted us nicely with a smile. 

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