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Nick Alexander



The end

I remember it like it was yesterday. Only a few weeks into my new position as a columnist last year, a beautiful girl named Emily Melson came up to me and thanked me for inspiring her to apply to...


The triathlon

When I rolled out of bed early one morning to get ready for my 11:40 a.m. class and looked up at myself in the bathroom mirror, my grogginess suddenly vanished, and I dropped my toothbrush in terror.


The return to Muskrat Hill

It was hard just to keep my hands from shaking long enough just to choke down my breakfast that morning. I had been waiting for this day all year--no, I had been waiting a lifetime. It was finally...


The Cavs' sixth man: gestalt

Anyone who is still following the NBA finals at this point in the season has probably heard the analysts' predictions. Sure, the Cavs might last five or six games against the Spurs, but in the end...


Surviving summer unemployment

It seems like the "in" thing to do this summer is to go out into the world and find a job. Whether it be an internship somewhere across the country, or a job busing tables somewhere close to home,...

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