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Michael Woodsmall



Danville, Va.: The City of Churches

The day trip to Danville is just right for a lazy Saturday afternoon. After dozing in the rumpled mess of my comforter with the sun creaking in through tangled wooden blinds well past my alarm, I...



I had heard the rumors. Central was under the knife for a long-awaited facelift, which had finally been put in motion. Then I drove down Erwin and saw it.


'In My Mind' synthesizes Monk's

Professor Gary Hawkins and his intermediate documentary filmmaking class never imagined that their Spring 2009 class project would be premiering at the Full Frame Festival. But this weekend, their...


Remember Me

It has always been easy to feel faceless in New York City and to question one’s place in the bigger picture. Allen Coulter’s Remember Me explores this existential dilemma but unfairly exploits...


...Made Glorious Spring

Last Tuesday morning, I was awoken by my persistent uncontrollable cough (bronchitis?), eyes crusted with puss (pink eye?), sinuses feeling like crap (definite infection) in my near-freezing,...

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