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Max Labaton

Max Labaton is a Trinity sophomore. His column runs on alternate Tuesdays.



In defense of American support for Israel

Last Friday’s editorial, “AIPAC and the Blockade on Critiquing Israel,” perpetuates troubling myths about the roles of Jews in American politics, as well as inaccuracies about the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, Middle East politics, and Zionism. 


Lessons from 1918

I hope that those in power can recognize the dangerous consequences of their proposals and the devastating results if their rhetoric becomes reality. 


Political fairy dust

I have written about President Trump’s pathological lying. While there is not an equivalence between Trump’s untruths and Sanders’ oversimplifications, both signify the troubling popularity of demagogues who offer facile and unrealistic solutions to complex problems and disregard inconvenient truths.


A big tent party

Democrats should certainly continue to draw a stark contrast with Trump. But 100 percent purity tests will only hinder the party’s ability to win over crucial swing voters, preventing the party from ultimately prevailing. 


In defense of the news media

It is healthy to view news reports with a degree of skepticism, when there are few checks on such a dangerous president. Yet at its best, the news media strives to provide objectivity and facts, essential in a democracy whose survival requires faith in the political process and an informed citizenry.


The crises no one talks about

It is imperative to focus on the problem, not only as a matter of morality, but also because regions plagued by displacement and instability have become breeding grounds for the next generation of global terrorists.

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