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Matt Dearborn



Music Review: Timbaland

Reviewing super-producer Timbaland's second studio release, Timbaland Presents Shock Value, is no easy task. Sure, most of the songs are perfectly produced and executed, from the club-ready "Give...


Music Review: RJD2

Many words can be used to describe Rjd2's third studio album, The Third Hand, but the one that comes to mind the most often is disappointing. The album finds Rjd2, an accomplished hip-hop producer,...


Music Review: Kittie

All-girl nu-metal group Kittie's latest album, Funeral for Yesterday, is a pathetic mess. Lead singer Morgan Lander (think a goth version of Courtney Love who was called fat one too many times as a...


Is underweight overrated for models?

NEW YORK - Trapper hats, winter coats and Chanel purses were plentiful in the streets near Bryant Park last week, as Fashion Week attendees sipped Starbucks and rushed around the city to watch...


Music Review: The Nein

Durham-based group the Nein's sophomore album, Luxury, both excites and disappoints. Taking their post-punk influences to the logical next step, Luxury's sound is more cohesive than their 2005...


Music Review: Ghost face killah

There's always something unsettling when an artist releases two albums in the same year. Inevitably, the second lies in the shadow of the first, and brings up many speculative questions: is this...



There are hundreds of hip-hop albums released every year. Some are terrible, some are good. Some are even great. But then there's Jay-Z, and his most recent release, Kingdom Come. See, the thing...


Music Review: Kevin Federline

Just as we look back with awe and fascination at ancient pyramids, those of the future will be enthralled when they experience Playing With Fire, Kevin Federline's diamond-quality debut album. A...


Troika: Mountain Goats

If you can only see one band at Troika, make it the Mountain Goats. Arguably the most popular band to play at the festival, the Mountain Goats-a moniker of singer-songwriter John Darnielle-have...

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